Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Services

Birdseye services the oil and gas industry across Western Canada. Our projects have included habitat restoration, pre-disturbance assessments, environmental impact assessments, baseline inventories, wildlife monitoring design and implementation, aerial surveys, and spill response.

Birdseye has made significant contributions to long term monitoring and environmental impact assessments for four SAG-D projects, baseline inventories for a native short grass prairie gas well expansion, long term wildlife monitoring in Kananaskis Country in Southern Alberta and numerous pre-disturbance assessments through the Enhanced Approval Process (EAP).

In Situ Oil Sands Environmental Monitoring

Birdseye has designed and implemented robust, long term wildlife monitoring programs within Alberta’s In Situ Oil Sands region. Using our expertise in vertebrate species at risk, vegetation, remote sensing and impact assessment we are providing practical advice to more fully understand wildlife specific issues in the in situ oil sands region of Alberta.

Our work focuses on:

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