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Wetland Assessment and Impact Reporting (WAIR)

The last 10 years have seen steadily increasing wetland regulations in both Green and White Zone areas of Alberta. Birdseye is experienced in wetland ecology and creating innovative solutions to potential conflicts with wetlands and your projects.

The Birdseye team includes Qualified Wetland Science Practitioners (QWSPs) who have relevant experience with the new Alberta Wetland Policy and directives. Birdseye will guide you through the Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool (ABWRET) and associated wetland decision making processes including avoidance, minimization and compensation steps while playing an expert advisory role for wetland restoration and retention.

We work regularly with planners, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, and storm water engineers to design wetland retention and management systems that optimize biodiversity, hydrological function and social/cultural value.

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