Wildlife Assessments

Vertebrate Species at Risk (COSEWIC/SARA)

As awareness grows for vertebrate species at risk, mandated regulations protecting sensitive species and their critical habitats are becoming increasingly stringent. Birdseye is committed to the collection and analysis of empirical data and applying it to reasonable mitigation and monitoring strategies.

Birdseye employs Standardized and scientifically-acceptable survey protocols to inventory and assess wildlife species and habitats that are present or have potential to occur within a project area.

Birdseye senior biologists interpret data and assessment findings and advise our clients how to meet provincial and federal government protection requirements (e.g. disturbance setbacks).

April – August

Breeding Songbird Surveys
Amphibian Surveys
Reptile Surveys
Raptor Surveys
Cryptic Marshbird Surveys Waterfowl Surveys
Bat Surveys

Biodiversity & Monitoring

Monitoring and adaptive management are fundamental project approval requirements that originate from environmental impact assessment (EIA) mitigation recommendations.

Birdseye specializes in the design of Project-specific wildlife and biodiversity monitoring programs. We also design the baseline components of EIAs in a manner that sets a framework for statistically valid monitoring designs.

Monitoring programs are designed to:

  1. Measure the accuracy of EIA predictions.
  2. Measure the effectiveness of proposed mitigation.
  3. Confirm compliance with proposed mitigation measures.
Year Round

Winter Tracking
Ungulate Pellet Group and Browse Surveys
Remote Camera Monitoring
Habitat Suitability Monitoring
Trapping Studies
Aerial Surveys
Long Term Trend Monitoring

Migratory Bird Nest Sweeps

Section 6 of the Migratory Bird Convention Act (MBCA) prohibits the disturbance, destruction, or taking of a nest, egg or nest shelter of a migratory bird. Routine bird nest sweeps are becoming common place with projects overlapping the breeding/nesting periods of migratory birds.

Birdseye professionals are skilled in the identification of nest sites including species affiliation, predicting areas of increased nesting probability and providing guidance with MBCA conflicts.

Birdseye has formed strong relationships with provincial and federal regulators to assist in the disturbance mitigation process.

April – August

Nest Sweeps
Planning and Scheduling Support
Provincial and federal Regulator Liason Support
Transportation Infrastructure Guidance

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